Torbay Catchment Restoration Plan downloads

Introduction and Section A - Includes executive summary and index. [1.7Mb]

Section B - Assets, goals and targets [3.8Mb]

Section C - Action plan [4.3Mb]

Section D - Monitoring and evaluation [1.2Mb]

Appendix 1 - Research program [0.3Mb]

Appendix 2 - Outcomes from community forums at Elleker, Torbay and Redmond June 2002 [2.1Mb]

Appendix 3 - Project vision [0.3Mb]

Appendix 4 - Surface water quantity and quality trend analysis [0.7Mb]

Appendix 5 - Possible indicators of catchment health [0.4Mb]

Appendix 6 - Estimated external funding requirements [0.4Mb]

References [0.3Mb]