The 2008 report card provides information on the catchment indicators that were selected to measure the health of the catchment, as well as the level of repair work being undertaken in the catchment. Through this report card, progress against the targets of the catchment plan can be measured and evaluated. This is the fourth Report Card that has been produced on the catchment.
Catchment Summary: Is the health of the catchment changing?
ALGAL BLOOMS Frequency of non-toxic blooms were lower than the 5-year average
Frequency of toxic blooms were lower than the 5-year average
WATER QUALITY The trend towards decreasing total nitrogen and phosphorus in Seven Mile Creek shown in previous Report Cards has now stabilised to a no change level
All other waterways show no improvement or increasing nutrient levels
REPAIR WORK ON WATERWAYS Level of waterways fencing has been maintained at a steady rate over the last two years. Whilst not all waterways fenced meet the priority category, at 129 kilometres total fenced since 2000, we are only 21 kilometres short of the 2010 target.
PROTECTION OF BUSHLAND The area of bushland protected increased substantially in 2008 to 335 hectares, mainly thanks to three key landholders who have protected substantial blocks of high quality remnant vegetation.
CONTROL OF WEEDS Weed control activity in 2008 was maintained at similar levels to previous years. The Annual Weed Program continues with hopes to extend the program to woody perennials in the future.

How are we doing?     improving     getting worse     no change
Algal Blooms
Target for 2025:
Reduce algal blooms by one third
Non-toxicToxicNumber of months in bloom5 year average 2004 - 20082007/08
Lake Powell1.4403
Marbellup Brook1.60.800
Torbay Inlet1.40.200
Water Quality - Catchments and Waterways
Target for 2025:
The total catchment nutrient load is reduced by 38% for N and 24% for P
NPWaterwayClassification status and trends 1998-2008
Total NitrogenTotal Phosphorus
Five Mile CreekHigh - No changeVery high - No change
Seven Mile CreekModerate - No changeHigh - No change
Cuthbert DrainHigh - No changeModerate - No change
Grasmere CreekHigh - IncreasingVery High - Increasing
Marbellup BrookLow - No changeHigh - No change
Torbay Main DrainHigh - No changeHigh - Increasing
Repair Work on Waterways
Target for 2010:
Fence and revegetate 150 kilometres of priority waterways
      Kilometres of waterways fenced2000 - 20042005200620072008
68.5 km17.5 km17.5 km12.1 km13.8 km
Current total waterways fenced since 2000 = 129.4 kilometres
Protection of Biodiversity
Target for 2010:
All priority remnant vegetation patches greater than one hectare are fenced and managed to best practice standards
      Hectares of remnant vegetation protected200620072008
Great gains have been made in the last year in protecting important areas of remnant bush36.5 ha53.85 ha335.5 ha
Control of Weeds
Target for 2015:
Map priority weeds. Achieve a 10% reduction in priority weeds each year
Kilometres of road verge sprayed200220032004200620072008
60 km65 km70 km70 km84 km76 km
Weed spraying has been maintained at a consistent level with continuing support from the City of Albany, Department of Corrective Services, West Net Rail and the local community. We still require a strategy/program to tackle woody weeds.

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