The 2007 report card provides information on the catchment indicators that were selected to measure the health of the catchment, as well the level of repair work being undertaken in the catchment. Through this report card, progress against the targets of the catchment plan can be measured and evaluated.

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Catchment Summary: Is the health of the catchment changing?
ALGAL BLOOMS Frequency of non-toxic blooms were above the 5-year average
Frequency of toxic blooms were below the 5-year average
Algal bloom sampling analysis was incomplete this year, so the reported occurrence of blooms do not tell the full story. It is likely that not all blooms have been recorded.
WATER QUALITY Seven Mile Creek is the only waterway showing a clear decreasing trend for both N & P.
All other waterways show no improvement or increasing nutrient levels
REPAIR WORK ON WATERWAYS Level of waterway fencing has declined since 2006. This is very disappointing, as better management of waterways is one of the key strategies to improving water quality in the catchment.
PROTECTION OF BUSHLAND Area of bushland protected has increased during 2007. Great news for our native animals and plants!
CONTROL OF WEEDS Weed control activity increased during 2007. Great work, but there's still more to do - why not adopt your road this year and control the weeds along your road reserve? TCG can provide chemical and equipment, you and your neighbours provide the labour.

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Algal Blooms
Target for 2025:
Reduce algal blooms
by one third
Non-toxicToxicNumber of months in bloom5 year average 2003 - 20072006/07
Lake Powell1.
Marbellup Brook1.21.01.20
Torbay Inlet1.00.23.00
Water Quality - Catchments and Waterways
Target for 2025:
The total catchment
nutrient load is
reduced by 38%
for N & 24 % for P
NPWaterwayClassification status & trends 1998-2007
Total NitrogenTotal Phosphorus
Five Mile CreekHigh - No changeVery high - No change
Seven Mile CreekModerate - DecreasingHigh - Decreasing
Cuthbert DrainHigh - No changeModerate - Increasing
Grasmere CreekHigh - IncreasingVery High - Increasing
Marbellup BrookLow - IncreasingHigh - No change
Torbay Main DrainHigh - No changeHigh - No change
Repair Work on Waterways
Target for 2010:
Fence and revegetate
150kms of priority
      Kilometres of waterways fenced2000 - 2004200520062007
68.5 km17.5 km17.5 km12.14 km
Funding is available to protect your waterway. Fence it today - stop the blooms
Protection of Biodiversity
Target for 2010:
All priority remnant
vegetation patches greater
than 1 ha are fenced and
managed to best practice
      Hectares of remnant vegetation protected20062007
36% (11,520ha) of the catchment remains as native vegetation and needs protection to maintain biodiversity in the catchment.36.5 ha53.85 ha
Control of Weeds
Target for 2015:
Map priority weeds.
Achieve a 10% reduction
in priority weeds
each year
Kilometres of road verge sprayed2003200420062007
65 km70 km70 km84 km
Improvement in amount of spraying for Watsonia due to good working partnerships developed between the City of Albany, Department of Corrective Services, and WestNet Rail. More work needed on controlling woody weeds.

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