Wetland Management in the Torbay Catchment

A sedgeland on private property in Torbay.

Lake Powell - a local wetland with very high ecological value.

Marshall's constructed wetland - The wetland is designed to strip
nutrients, improving water quality in the Torbay Inlet.

What is a wetland?

A wetland is an area that is inundated or waterlogged by surface or ground water, either permanently or seasonally. Wetlands have vegetation which is typically adapted for life in saturated soil conditions. Examples of wetlands include swamps, seeps, lakes and estuaries.

Wetlands in Torbay

There are a wide variety of wetland types in the Torbay catchment. These include the coastal lakes and basin wetlands, the palusplains that spread over the wide, flat land typical of the mid catchment along the South Coast Highway and the hillside seeps (paluslopes) of both the Karri hills and the northern country.


Water Management

Wetlands are extremely important components of the landscape for water management. Wetlands collect, store and use water lost or transported from the surrounding landscape. The plants in and around the water help remove sediments and nutrients, thereby cleaning the water before it moves on to other areas or is used by native animals in the wetland.


Wetlands support a wide array of life, both aquatic and terrestrial. Birdlife is often abundant around wetlands, as they take advantage of the fish, crustaceans and macroinvertebrates which they feed upon. Wetlands are also breeding habitat for ducks, bitterns, crakes and rails in the fringing vegetation.

Cultural values

Wetlands of the South Coast have important aesthetic, recreational and agricultural values. They have been an important food and water source for Noongar people and today the fertile soils and water supply associated with many wetlands is used to grow vegetables and water livestock. Wetlands are culturally significant as recreational areas, places of great beauty which have spiritual significance for many people.

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