Revegetation Management in the Torbay Catchment

A section of the Marbellup Brook, with excellent riparian vegetation cover.

A typical degraded waterway in the Torbay catchment.

Why should I revegetate?

The Torbay catchment has a complex network of drains and creeks that help to maintain viable farm land in much of the catchment, especially the lower section. Unfortunately this drainage system has the potential to transport nutrients off farms and into the wetlands and estuaries, resulting in poor water quality and algal blooms.

With careful fencing and planting landowners can greatly improve the functioning of these waterways.

They can reduce erosion and sediment build-up, trap nutrients before they enter the waterway and provide corridors for the movement of wildlife.

Trees and shrubs planted carefully around the property can also provide better growing conditions for adjacent pasture and provide shelter for stock.

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