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Welcome to the Torbay Catchment Group on the south coast of Western Australia.

The Torbay Catchment Group is a community-based volunteer organisation, whose primary focus is on protecting and restoring the health of the lands and waterways within the greater Torbay catchment and supporting a prosperous and sustainable community within the area.

The catchment takes in the outskirts of Albany, a growing regional centre (population 33,000) and includes the rural town sites of Elleker, Torbay, Redmond, Little Grove and Goode Beach as well as West Cape Howe and Torndirrup National Parks.

The area is located within the world recognised biodiversity hotspot in south-west Western Australia. The lower catchment water bodies and beaches are a haven for bird life and fish. Many areas of the catchment outside the national parks still have significant tracts of remnant vegetation; small samples of the once uninterrupted floral biodiversity of the region. These remnants are home to a number of endangered plant and animal species.

The catchment group is involved in a range of projects and activities. Most projects are aimed at assisting landholders to implement sustainable farm practices or protecting and enhancing biodiversity. The group helps land holders by providing grants for soil testing, fencing, revegetation, stock crossings, off-stream water points, weed control and feral animal control, and by offering workshops targeting soil health, property management and biodiversity protection. It also supports the Torbay Rail Trail, used by walkers, cyclists and horse riders and a part of the much longer Munda Biddi Trail.

Torbay Catchment Group Inc.   P.O. Box 1900 Albany Western Australia 6331
 phone: 0439 461 591